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Discrete and long lasting! 

It's long-lasting pre-filled pod and battery life combined with its sleek shape will optimise your vaping experience.

Providing you with simplicity and quality is our key focus.

Evive has changed the vaping experience with its quick 30 minute charging time and long-lasting vaping usage.

Evive Vapes are made to make your life easier, with no buttons and no need to refill the vaping liquid. Just change the pre-filled pod cartridge and its ready to go.

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Been really enjoying having one, they're an awesome product and they give off the same sensation as having a cigarette which has helped me a lot with stopping. Thank you!


Im actually obsessed already that watermelon is so good! I'm gonna take it to work tonight instead of my ciggies and see how I go!

Customer reviews 

Check out a detailed review from Vapers Garage


Loving it so far! Feels so nice and flavouring is good! My flatmate liked it so much she's purchasing one as I type this!


I love them, I liked how super easy to get started they are, instead of other vapes that you pour into the vape itself and ends up being messy, it's super convenient and looks super nice, perfect to carry around for work :)


I absolutely love your guys products keep up the good work:)


WOW! This product is amazing! The nicotine flavor tastes so similar and smooth like a real cigarette! Fast shipping and high quality product. Would recommend for any smokers wanting to quit!