Your Smoking Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to cigarettes?

Is smoking becoming too expensive?

Do you enjoy smoking but don’t like the adverse effects?

How Can Evive Vapes

Benefit You?

  • Easy to use, high-quality vape with pre-filled cartridges

  • Change the pod flavours on the go

  • Long-lasting battery charge - lasts approx. 300 puffs (1 pod)

  • Evive vape pods contain nicotine salts to satisfy cravings

  • Each pod refill lasts similar to 25-35 cigarettes (300 puffs)

  • Incredible savings, up to 90% cheaper than smoking cigarettes

Our mission is to help you!

After many years of smoking, we know how hard it is to make a change. This is why we would like to offer you our Evive Vaping system that has not only worked for us, but will benefit you too. We ensure high quality, convenience, and value for money. 

Evive Vapes are an easy, no fuss vaping system that is ideal for anyone to use, from experienced vapors, to beginners that want to make the switch from ordinary cigarettes to our Evive Vapes.


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“I had been smoking on and off for about 4 years started casual but then I was full time smoking after 6 months or so buying about a 30gram of tobacco plus a pack of 20s taileys near the end of the week, (around $90 a week) tried so many times to quit, went cold turkey last year but started again not long after my baby was born. Been trying to kick the habit numerous times but since I bought my Vape I haven’t even thought of buying a packe. Tried to have a cigarette not long ago I couldn’t even stand the taste, honestly this has been the easiest transition to not smoking cigarettes out of all the programs I’ve tried over the years”

“I smoked 2 packs a week for 2 years then tried to quit by having like 4 or 5 smokes a week at the beginning of the year. Then I got right back into smoking full time again but since I’ve had the vape I haven’t smoked since” “Easy as to quit with”

“I’ve been smoking full time for over 3 years. I have tried many times to quit, some consist of going cold turkey and champix. I would quit some for a few days to a month and fallen back into the pattern of smoking. That’s when I found Evive, a New Zealand company that actually wants to help people quit smoking. The transition was easy and after one week of vaping I fully quit smoking and was full time vaping instead. After two months of using this product I haven’t had a smoke since and I haven’t craved any. Evive is an amazing vape for people who want to quit smoking and I would recommend to everyone who wants to quit smoking to try it out! A bonus is how long the battery last for, how sleek the design is and how easy it is to use. I am still on the pathway of quitting smoking and I don’t think I could fall back into smoking again. I intend to keep using Evive vapes as it has changed my life and my health.”

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